Mostly Printed CNC: IT WORKS

I strapped an incredibly crappy Harbor Freight Cutoff Tool to the MPCNC (related posts) thanks to this mount, and I was actually able to mill something! It worked! I crudly cut the hand-drawn letters “CNC” into the foam that the tool was packed in!

Now I just need to connect a power relay to automate the tool, add end-stops, learn to use the CNC software, learn to use good design software, possibly get better client software than Repetier Host, and add some kind of clamping mechanism to the table surface.


2016-07-08 21.46.12b2016-07-08 21.48.53b

2016-07-08 22_06_46-_cnc1.svg - Inkscape2016-07-08 22_06_41-Estlcam Version 8.507 cnc1.svg

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