Teensy 3.1 label

IMG_1885bI just picked up a Teensy 3.1, which is an ARM development board that can speak Arduino.  OSH Park was running a special where I could tack one onto my order for a few bucks.  It’s pretty neat.

The only downside is that the design doesn’t have pin labels on the top of the board.  This makes it really tough to use in a breadboard.  To fix this, I made a label to stick to it to call out the pins — posting here in case someone on the internet could use such a thing.

Here’s the PDF, as well as the Microsoft Publisher source file.  Unlike the photo, the linked label has the name of the board written in text rather than in ballpoint pen.

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  1. Hey thanks man, i just got mine through today as a replacement for my galago (failed kickstarter board). That printout is exactly what i need!
    I’m looking for info on what the extra pins at the bottom are, wondering if Paul S ran out of space for the extra pins. Cheers and happy hacking

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